71 & 73 Rowland Street, Subiaco

new duplex, completed 2001

2001 Royal Australian Institute of Architects Award

Residential Design – Duplex

Jury Comments

Category: Duplex Award

From the front to the rear boundary, these (almost) identical residences provide maximum accommodation and sense of space on two extraordinarily small lots. These are executed in a stimulating manner, a focus being the ambience created by the pleasant sound of gently flowing water.

The design boundaries were originally pushed to a good extent, but the inflexible local authorities resisted and started pushing back! Fortunately, the architects fought back bravely and produced a splendid result despite compromises. Lifestyle is enhanced by the innovative arrangement of indoor and outdoor areas, both of which have virtually equal emphasis. Finishes are very carefully selected and handled well.

While the wet winter months may present some concerns, the Jury felt that our Perth weather means that for 10 months of the year the design is captivating and the remaining 2 months would still be catered for. Internal elements such as the use of translucent and coloured glass and the central decking area provided unique experiences for the occupants.

2001 Royal Australian Institute of Architects Award


Jury Comments

Category: Interior Award

Working within the constraints of two narrow 170sqm lots, Richard Szklarz has created a pair of inner urban dwellings that reinvigorate the concept of courtyard town houses. The living, kitchen and dining areas blend with the decked internal courtyard to create an open living environment. Full width glass folding doors allow this space to be divided into separate intimate pavilions, providing wonderful flexibility to the entire ground floor.

The natural and gentle softness of the water feature contrast effectively with the courtyard wall colours, creating an elegant and functional interior space. Richard’s creative solution has delivered the developer/owner two dramatic inner urban residences while adhering to the strict, council imposed open space requirements.

Project Description

The brief requested a contemporary, creative solution for a pair of dwellings each on a site of 169.5m2 with an effective width of 5m, within the centre of Subiaco.

The developer requested accommodation for 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study plus formal and informal areas, while the Local Authority insisted on a 50% open requirement.

The design endeavours to address the provision for natural lighting and ventilation and present a volume of space which provides adequate accommodation in an exciting and desirable manner.