Gibney Street, Cottesloe

new home, completed 2008

2009 Australian Institute of Architects Award

Single Residential Design

Jury Comments

The harsh marine environment has strongly influenced the design and selection of external materials for this Cottesloe residence.

The success of the design is the result the architects well considered planning and attention to every detail.

The house, outdoor pavilion and landscaping are unified to make a strong visual statement. Materials selected for the building exterior of concrete, copper, glass and aluminium are a low maintenance response to the marine exposure, and should mature elegantly.

The architect has responded to the client brief and the environment to produce a simple, bold and beautifully detailed solution.

Project Description

A conscious decision at the outset of this project was to design a home that would withstand and reflect the brutality of its location. The use of raw and texture filled exterior materials were a departure from the predictable rendered brick housing dominating the suburban coastal landscape. Off form concrete, copper and aluminium provide the building with maintenance free longevity and the ability to mature elegantly within its harsh surroundings.

The aesthetic is a response to the location, reflecting the construction methods employed through a “less is more” philosophy. The transparency connects the iconic Cottesloe references of the expansive road reserve and Norfolk Pines to the private northern rear yard. The eastern concrete boundary wall encloses and connects the outdoor with the interior. Large glass doors further enhance and promote a blurring of the connection between inside, outside, house and pavilion.