2000 Royal Australian Institute of Architects Award

Single Residential - Alteration and Addition

Jury Comments

The Miller residence is neither spectacular nor particularly photogenic. It is tucked away in a private domain on a battle axe block in Peppermint Grove. It is a place you simply have to be in to appreciate the spatial quality and continuity, the warmth of the materials, the standard of finish and the consistency of the detailing achieved by Richard Szklarz.

The alterations and additions to the original building and the architect's re-interpretation of the client's desire for a "Balinese" house are handled with subtlety and aplomb.

Richard demonstrates that the line between architect and builder is an illusion and that the two roles can be one.

project description

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Peppermint Grove

Project Description

The brief called for an extensive alterations and additions to a single storey residence located on a battle axe block in Peppermint Grove, to accommodate a family of 5.

The design was to be practical, open plan where possible, with a sophisticated elegance in its finishes, with a strong visual link to the exterior gardens/pool.

The properties main attraction, other than its general location, was its privacy as the surrounding cottages were all single storey.

The existing deep verandas allowed the introduction of extensive glazing, reinforcing the internal/external relationship, while protecting from undesirable solar ingress.

As the existing property was surrounded by single storey cottages, it was critical that our design maintained a single storey profile, to ensure that the existing neighbourly privacy / status quo was maintained.

Visible cues such as existing roof tiles, building form, texture and colour, were retained and extended, thus reducing any visual disruption to a minimum.